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We believe it is your birth right to be happy. Your self-image determines where you see yourself in the world and dictates what you think you can have or achieve. However, the self-image is often influenced by external factors and rarely comes from within. At some point in the past, nearly all of us would have encountered someone telling us we are not good enough. How we react to this is crucial. If we keep replaying this statement in our heads this will soon become the “truth” to our subconscious mind and in turn, this will build our perceived self-image. Once we have created our perceived self-image this will become the driver of everything we ever have or achieve. Simply put, if we think we can’t, then we won’t. The good news, however, is this same process works both ways. The people who live happy and fulfilled lives are, in most cases, people who have developed positive self-talk.

The pyramid Project aims to help people build a positive self-image, have a positive outlook and become the best person they can possibly be.